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Alhumdullilah, ILM Montessori has moved to ICW


900 E Geneva Rd Wheaton IL 60187

Welcome to Ilm Montessori School

ILM Montessori was founded by two parents looking for a Montessori school for their son. After a thorough search and a fair amount of school observations and research, we came to the conclusion that there was no Montessori School in our neighborhood which incorporated the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, who was a revolutionary early childhood educator, combined with strong doctrines of Islam, to encourage our children a love of learning; for this life and for the hereafter.

ILM Montessori was formed in order to provide parents an option for Montessori education with Islamic studies for their children in Glendale Heights and surrounding communities. With minimal investigation, we quickly discovered that there was a large unfulfilled demand for eminent Montessori education with emphasis on Islam. Our goal is that ILM Montessori will help close that gap in our community and give parents another option for preschool and kindergarten education.

Our commitment is to respect each child and their family and to provide a beautiful and stimulating environment for the children to have fun while they learn. To make sure this will be a wonderful foundation for their successful future and turn this experience into a successful life ahead.

We take our mission very seriously and we are committed to it. We hope that you find your time with us fulfilling and an outstanding educational experience for your child. The word ILM in Arabic means KNOWLEDGE, knowledge that can help the children in this world and the hereafter, knowledge that will help them become responsible citizens, excellent neighbors, superior coworkers and above all, good human beings.

Our mission statement is to be able to provide our kids with ILM by Inspiring, Leading and Mentoring them to success in a caring Islamic environment.



Alhamdulillah Ilm Montessori will be starting the LOWER ELEMENTARY (6-9 Year) Program this upcoming academic year 2014-15, In Sha Allah. Click here or Contact Us for more details.

Islamic Montessori

It is a blend of the Montessori methodology and Islamic values that will help the little ones to be good Muslims and kind Human beings.

The Quran Curriculum

ILM Montessori has been granted an exclusive permission from the creator and mentor of the Q-CIP project to implement this methodology at our school by integration of the teachings of the Quran into the Montessori curriculum.